CMHDS code of practise for members to observe or accept.


  • Only use the term CMHDS in relation to the existence of the consortium or in connection with any warning the consortium issues on behalf of members.
  • To report to CMHDS all cases of online harassment of their clients in the form of threats or miss-information that in turn could affect other dealerships in Spain.
  • To follow legal processes when representing parks in Spain for the sale of mobile homes to limit harassment claims being made against the industry as a whole.
  • CMHDS is only to be used for issues affecting all dealerships. CMHDS will not get involved in local disputes involving just one dealership.
  • CMHDS cannot be used as a means of promoting any one dealership. CMHDS is a platform to be used to keep clients of all dealerships safe from online harassment and miss-information.
  • Any member has the right to publish CMHDS issued warnings on their respective websites. It will be down to the dealership concerned to publish or not.
  • If CMHDS rescind a warning all members must remove all CMHDS issued warnings without delay. The use of pop up warnings is recommended as they can be switched off without delay.
  • To accept that CMHDS will follow due process before launching any legal action. Due process will include online warnings, formal warnings and the preparation of case files.
  • In the event that CMHDS feels a need to go to court it will first examine the “no win no fee” options. In the event court action is required as soon as possible a legal fund will be set up involving all members.
  • In the event of court action members will appoint a CMHDS spokesperson to act on their behalf. No one dealership can claim the rights to represent all the members.
  • If CMHDS thinks a situation it has been asked to deal with has the potential for UK criminal charges we will report it to on behalf of the industry and not just the members. For possible scams we will recommend individuals coming across the scam to report direct to using their contact us page.


Membership conditions.

  • Dealerships must have been in business at least three years.
  • Dealerships must have a registered address showing on their website. PO boxes not accepted.
  • Dealerships must deal in both resale and new mobile homes in Spain.
  • Dealerships must represent a park in Spain that issues correct park contracts to owners only.
  • Parks can become members in their own right if their dealership is a member.