Welcome to the Consortium of Mobile Home Dealerships in Spain. CMHDS for short. The aim of CMHDS is to pool together dealership resources to deal with online harassment.

CMHDS is a Mobile Home Dealership support platform and not a sales platform. CMHDS acts on behalf of all members to deal with online harassment and miss-information regarding the mobile home industry in Spain.

CMHDS acts for all members using a pooled resource system and a code of practise.

If CMHDS needs to take legal action it will be on behalf of all registered members. All claims for damages due to online harassment will be on a class action basis with damages awarded being distributed between all members.

If you are a genuine mobile home dealership representing parks in Spain, then joining CMHDS is a way of making sure you do not have to deal with online harassment on your own. All the work dealing with harassment issues will be dealt with by us and the legal costs are shared between all our members.

It costs nothing to join and together we can deal with all forms of online harassment that affects the whole industry. Only genuine mobile home dealerships will be accepted as members. Apply to join CMHDS

CMHDS has shared responsibilities among members with a common privacy policy regarding this website.